Once upon a time, there is a stall selling fruit, boss of the older, you can’t stand for long greeting guests, and was attached to the note sign shop. Had has days, to has a young men, asked boss one months to with how many money please he to help, boss laugh with said: “we this small stall business, where pay obtained monthly, certainly is see you of efforts, day can sold how many fruit, received of money on to you one-tenth, daily led now” young listening to has, upper and lower looked front this old stall, on smelly with face said no, this too didn’t guarantees has, said finished turned on go. A few days later, came a young man, asked his boss paid what, boss daily as saying the lead again, the young man thought for a moment, and said: “no daymonth, important is that the fruit stand was a monthly income of about how much?“The boss said the fruit season, businesses also have seasons, good to receive 50,000 yuan, well perhaps only 10,000 yuan. Guys listen to the rage, says the business lifeas well as wealth, and only a fool will come to sell fruit. Similarly, the saying went. After a few days, and a little boy and asked the boss pay how much, the boss also saidleading daily. Little boy smiled and said to his boss, can you on holidays and weekends, proportional increase daily pumped into, brought on two-tenths of income, if you earn more than 10,000 yuan, and brought in three-tenths, how? Boss laughed, touched the boy‘s head and said: “you’re so smart, know holiday and weekend business is better, you do it according to what you say! However, even a holiday or weekend, operating income of over 10,000 yuan, is not easy! “So, the little boy started fruits are washed again with water and constantly transform fruit every day, holidays orweekends, you posted a few posters, says consumption over 1000 get 100 fruits, allowed customers to choose from. Thought the first month, the boy received a salaryof more than 30,000 yuan, equal to the average daily wage of more than 1000 Yuan.Fruit stalls boss paid substantial salaries for the boy, but he would be happy to sit ina rocking chair, watching the little boy ran in and out, for he earned more money than before. Years Hou, small boy earned has many money, on put boss of fruit assessment buy down, after he of ingenuity, design out more promotions programme, business than yiqian and better, profit certainly also more high, so he immediately open has second home shop, had several months and open third home shop, until small boy grew up Shi, he has became millions rich, not to 30 age on has has splendor. According to the survey, Office workers around the world, more than 70%, are not satisfied with the boss for salary, knowing that the boss business declines, income is reduced, that people are still asking the boss to pay more for salaries. Obviously, this 70% person was first applying for a fruit shop in young people. They want is a security, regardless of whether they have to go to work, or whether their work can really help the boss, they are asking for a death of unstable and cannot be reduced to their own salaries. Also, we believes, in this 70% of work family in the, also has many is second a to fruit shop find work of guy, this class of work family, are thought days under of boss, life down pocket in on plug with a heap splendor, live mansion open good car eat food, if boss not more points points benefits to you, is mean talk compact fluorescent lamps, or heart narrow of miser, so, as long as work a time, found boss not is generous, or feel himself engaged in of industry no development prospects, on immediately jumped ship leave, Result is keep changing jobs, and then kept in front of the new boss says old boss mean and not until old age, still can’t findsplendor. Sun does not have a boss, will send you great wealth, the boss can give you only an “opportunity“, you have access to opportunities in the hands of “increasing revenue for the boss, make more profits for the company, you can in turn use company resources with the boss, let their ships because the water rises along with the(Business start-up articles network luxury-jewelry.cn) promotion of the company. No matter what you do! Selling fruits or sell tea was popular or unpopular industries, as long as you can figure out this truth, you were like little boys!