24K: Gold equals gold


Source of name on both gold, we have introduced in the 13th, 14 q. As to the question of whether both are equal. We say that both are equal. Not quite equal. Say equal. They are the highest for gold color. Past China’s jewelry industry also think so, 24K gold is the Western Gold, sometimes of loquat both as equivalent. Not exactly equal, is both have standard errors, 24k gold, for example. Although it is theoretically the highest fineness of gold material, but in different countries, this standard is up and down, while others converted to 4 k. 16%, some converted every k 4.17%, so. Color height vary, like Japan, the Soviet Union and other countries, regulations stipulated that only when gold purity above 99.99% to 24K gold; United Kingdom provided gold purity of more than 99.5%, only 24K gold; South Africa provides the purity of gold to 99.6%, which is 24K gold, and Hong Kong. Macau gold purity provided at 94.5%. 24K gold. Our domestic gold also has a variety. Purity of 99% purity 99.99%, provided in the past: where a gold purity of 99.1% and 99.8% can be called pure gold. So, this is not exactly the same.

To note here is that some people think that the figures after the decimal point, and one more or one less is nothing unusual. Cannot see it that way. Take for instance the 99.99% gold 99% gold and, their gold-bearing not only different, but also different. From the physical and chemical properties. There are also differences.


24K and 18K which is better


We have met many people who ask such questions, some people still can’t find my reasoning a lot of conclusions. 24K jewelry is real. 18K jewelry mixed goods: what will buy 24k gold buying jewelry, valuable. Secondly, affordable. All these while. 24K and 18K which is better? Which is bad? What characteristics do they have? Here we do compare and analysis:

24K jewelry 18K jewelry is no different for function, no Orthodox or mixed goods between them. Just some differences in the material. 24K material gold content is high (about 99%), 18K material value is lower (around 75%). 24K material is soft, 18K material stiffness. Due to the different characteristics, making a product has its advantages. 24k suitable for making some jewellery with gemstones, such as line ring. Ring necklace, and so on. But under the influence of material. Easily deformed, poor brightness. 18K and other materials can be made to “Gold Cup, ornaments and jewelry. Small earrings. PIN, 18K the hardness of the material. More color changes, coupled with some colorful gems. Its ornamental effect was beyond compare for 24K material. In terms of gloss, price, and so on, which are superior than in 24K material. The only downside is. Better corrosion resistance 24K material.

To sum up. 24K and 18K are different talents. More advantages to me of 18K materials 24K materials, the majority of readers. Your opinion?

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