Not the same as the Hermes jewelry, fashion jewelry. Opening up new fields of jewelry industry

Fashion jewelry name is from the function of jewelry to understand. It is from the Bauhaus style – a Bauhaus design institute in Germany, it was founded in 1919. The Bauhaus advocate the integration of art and technology, this kind of design has a great impact on industrial design later. For Bauhaus in international academic circles, the design sector enjoys a high reputation, so called, Bauhaus style jewelry and fashion combine matching. Fashion jewelry history is from the beginning of the Second World War, when the production of the capitalist countries gradually restored, the corresponding increase in physical strength, wearing a particular stress. From the entire consumer structure. The first major category of goods is fashion. It is in view of fashion in the life of the prominent position, a traditional jewelry from the points of high fashion jewelry came into being. Since then, jewelry decoration has opened up a new area.

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Fashion jewelry is closely related to fashion design, technology, color and function. For example. The color of traditional jewelry, with yellow and white majority, and fashion jewelry color. Is a fashion color for reference, not only yellow, and black, blue, red, purple and other colors. Diversification of fashion jewelry materials. Also general jewelry can not be compared. It can be made of bone, wood, thread, skin and stone. With the traditional styles of fashion jewelry jewelry is very different, the traditional jewelry patterns for the flower pattern, multiple styles for regular geometry, the styles of fashion jewelry is rich and varied. A popular fashion, its style tends to compact, elegant, relaxed fashion popular, its style is rough, exaggerated. As for patterns. From small to small hammer, pliers, scissors, have seen little whistle. This is an interesting design of eye-opening.

On the other hand, fashion jewelry breaks through the boundaries of the real (precious metal, jewelry, jade jewelry) and imitation (imitation gold jewelry, etc.). In fashion jewelry, at the same time, the gold and iron material for making jewelry, specifically platinum with imitation jewelry materials fusion in the product. to make a long story short。 The novelty and variety of fashion jewelry is the harmony and balance between fashion and fashion. Contrast, complementary and other effects based. Now, in luxury. Soft silk embroidered clothes hanging on a string of open collar bone stone beads and customs. Swept away the traditional carving delicate gas; between the white blouse and black skirt and a cluster of hate grey plastron, as increased levels of color also coordinated visual contrast: show a wrist like a grid shaped Bracelet in uneven texture of wool shirt cuffs, immediately dressed in regular of different costumes repercussions. That’s the allure of fashion jewelry.